What is Radical Greatness?

adjective [rad-i-kuhl]

  1. or, relating to, or proceeding from a root
  2. very different from the usual or traditional

noun [grāt-ness]

  1. noteworthy, remarkable
  2. of exceptional value

Radical Greatness stems from a singular yearning and desire in my life: to see Christ exalted in all the earth. I want to be radical in both senses: connected to and proceeding from the root (John 15) while risking it all, doing it differently and trying everything for the sake of Christ. And greatness because I am not content with the small time because my God is worthy of the big time. I want my life to point to something of exceptional value, namely, the Kingdom of God.

This site is my space where I dive in and reflect upon leadership, the church and what it looks like to be radical in connecting the two.


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