Day 7: A Plan is Hatched

Read: Ruth 3:1-18

Reflect: Chapter 2 ends with great hope and a sense that something big is stirring. But the narrator also leaves us with a cliffhanger: “And she lived with her mother-in-law” (2:23). Now, you already knew that. Where else did any of us think she was living? The narrator is pointing us to something yet unfulfilled in this story. While there is hope for Naomi and she is encouraged, it is as if the narrator skillfully drops a clue as to where the story heads next. 

Chapter 3 opens with Naomi showing genuine concern for Ruth for seemingly the first time in the whole story and the narrator invites us in to overhear as she hatches a plan for Ruth to sneak in to where Boaz was sleeping and to lay down next to him. 

Ruth does as Naomi instructs her and then, when the moment is right, asks Boaz if he would be their family redeemer. This is a strange concept to most of us, but the Mosaic law governing Israel provided for a family redeemer who would be required to buy someone back if they had sold themselves into slavery to pay off a debt and it called for a brother to marry his brother’s widow in order to give a child who could carry on the dead brother’s family. 

In short: Ruth proposed to Boaz, basically asking him to step in as a brother to her dead husband and fulfill the spirit of the law. You don’t expect a woman to propose marriage in that culture, but she does. And he says yes (well, with a caveat to be discovered in chapter 4). 

But are not all of us in need of a redeemer as well? Naomi, Ruth and even Boaz join each of us needing a redeemer who will buy us back out of our sin and to bring us back into the family. Praise God for Jesus, our big brother who redeemed us, paying the ultimate price by his death on the cross. 


  • First, take a moment to praise God for our redeemer, Jesus. 
  • How have you experienced the redeeming work of God through our ministry this week? 
  • What story are you most excited to tell people back home about the redeeming work of God in the Philippines? 

One Response

  1. Eѵening famioy devotions were one of tһe vital vital elements of Lee and Larry?s day.

    Daddy read a part of the stiry oof Jeaus coming at Christmas which is
    the place he leardn every year durng Ⅾecember
    soo theyd know the real cause for Christmas, to
    have a good time the stɑrt of Jesus. Οn the endd of it, Lеe requesteԀ, ?Daddy, did Jesus gɡet a birthday party every
    yeaг with presents and a ⅽlown too?

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