Day 6: A Sparkle of Hope for Naomi

Read: Ruth 2:17-23

Reflect: Imagine the way that Ruth’s heart must have been singing on the way home from the fields that night. She left that morning hoping to find enough to get a meal for her and Naomi. She returns having met a guy, eaten a big meal and carrying an ephah of barley. Ok, since you likely haven’t measured anything in ephahs recently, picture this: An ephah would be about the equivalent of one of those giant Costco-sized bags of dog food! Instead of coming home with just enough to feed them dinner, she brought home enough to feed them for the next month! 

And it is here, at this point in the story, that Naomi’s heart starts to thaw as she discovers that maybe God had not forgotten or abandoned her after all. Not only seeing the amount of food but discovering it came from a relative who would qualify as a family redeemer (more on that tomorrow) overwhelmed Naomi. 

And then we have that word again – hesed – the kindness (vs 20) of the Lord. This woman who was so bitter, angry and sorrowful gets the faintest sparkle of hope in her eye and she remembers… or maybe even truly discovers for the very first time… the kindness of the Lord. Respond:

  • When have you experienced the abundant, exceeding kindness of the Lord?  
  • How did it change you? 
  • Romans 2:4 tells us that God’s kindness is designed to lead us to repentance. Go before the Lord confessing your sin and clinging to the hope of his kindness for you in Christ Jesus. 

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