Day 5: Seeing Invisible People

Read: Ruth 2:8-16

Reflect: Boaz is a pretty stunning guy. He is full of integrity and faithful to God at a time in history where not many Israelites were. The very first things we learn about him are that he follows the Mosaic law requiring leaving part of the harvest for the poor. That must have been an easy law to convince yourself to ignore just coming out of a famine! He is an attentive landowner, coming to fields to check on them. He blesses his workers (2:4) and is respected by them (they bless him back!). 

But what I admire most about Boaz is that he sees invisible people. When Naomi and Ruth returned to Bethlehem at the end of chapter 1, the text says that they came to Bethlehem and the whole town was stirred because of them. But then there is no further mention of Ruth in that section. It is all about Naomi. Even Naomi says she came back empty. Ruth is just ignored… missed… she’s invisible to everyone. 

Everyone except Boaz that is. He takes one look out over his field and he sees a new woman that he doesn’t recognize out gleaning and he immediately inquires about her. And then he feeds her until she is satisfied (when was the last time she was truly had a full stomach?). And then he tells his own employees to be intentionally reckless and leave good parts of the harvest for her. 

She is invisible to the whole world and almost understandably so. She’s a widowed, poor, illegal immigrant. She is an outsider with no skills and no value. Until Boaz sees her. And talks to her. And abundantly, exceedingly and undeservedly shows her kindness. He sees her. She is invisible no more.


  • When have you felt invisible, as if the whole world couldn’t see you? How did you feel? What inner desires did that stir up in you? How did you respond? 
  • Who are the invisible people you have encountered this week that God is calling you to truly see for the first time? 
  • Who are the invisible people at home that God is calling you to truly see for the first time? 

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