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Christ the Center

Jesus is the center of the Bible and the center of history. He created the world and all of Christianity is about him. Salvation is only possible through him and your life revolves around his. As Charlie Hall captures in his song, Center:

O Christ, be the center of our lives
Be the place we fix our eyes
Be the center of our lives

Over the course of 8 lessons, we will explore Jesus’ relationship to the Trinity, his moral perfection and sinless less, his claims about himself, his death and resurrection, his three offices of prophet, priest and king… and what it means for Christ to be the center of our lives.

Week Message Title Notes Audio
1 The Centrality of Christ
2 Jesus, the God-Man
3 God Invades Time and Space
4 Jesus, the Great “I Am”
5 An Unwarranted Death,
A Victorious Resurrection
6 Jesus, the Prophet
7 Jesus, the Priest
8 Jesus, the King
Appendix – The States of Christ

A list of resources for Digging Deeper are available on a special Amazon List created specifically for this class.


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