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Giving More Strategically: Where You Give

Giving more strategically involves not only considering how much you give and the specific mechanisms you give, but also where you give, that is, what organizations/ministries you decide to financially support. Now, let me include two quick disclaimers. First, all Christians are called to give (and give generously) to their local church. For my wife and I, we set our giving for our church, and then we come up with a couple of other ministries where we want to give as well. But it always starts with giving to our local church. Second, I would encourage Christians to give almost exclusive (if not exclusively) to Christian ministries. The work of other organizations may be good, but consider investing all your giving in furthering the work of the gospel in Word and in deed. Those disclaimers stated, here are three examples of how to be more strategic in where you give.

Giving to Passion

What are you passionate about? If I am honest, I am more excited to give to those ministries/organizations where I am passionate about their work. I like the Red Cross, but I have no passion for the organization. On the other hand, much of my personal story was shaped by Young Life. I love that ministry. Giving to Young Life is an overflow of my passion. I’m sure you are the same way. So what are you most passionate about? Give toward those organizations.

Flexibility in Giving

We Americans tend to run our entire budgets (our entire lives) with no margin. This includes our giving. We plan out exactly how much we intend to give and where. But what happens when something unexpected comes up that you would love to give to, but have no margin in your budget to give toward that cause? For example, what if you left 5% of your anticipated giving as undesignated so that you can give to help the teenager in your church go on a short term missions trip?

Sustainability in Giving

Are you just writing checks to help orphans in Africa? Or are you helping with a job training program for orphans in Africa? The reality is, there are ways you to get more bang for your giving buck. Some organizations are better stewards of your money either through lower overhead (meaning more of your money goes directly to the end mission) or through sustainability efforts. In Nicaragua, I met a church that used a $2000 gift to allow one of its members to start a small bakery on the church property. That bakery now employs 15 people in a small compound, including sales people with monthly sales quotas of $25 each. That $2000 gift is multiplying its effectiveness because of the sustainability of the enterprise. Are you giving to a black hole or does your giving multiply in effectiveness through sustainability efforts?

We all, as Christians, are called to give more, give more often and give more strategically. Take the time to evaluate your own giving that the money that has been entrusted to you – all of it – would be used for the glory of Holy God.

Interact: How can you be more strategic in where you give?


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