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People & Place: The Central Focus of the Kingdom

The Bible presents two main elements – topics of central focus – of God’s kingdom here on the earth – the place and the people. Let’s preview these now because they become central to the rest of the discussion of the kingdom moving forward.

The Place of the Kingdom

  • God’s kingdom on earth is moving.
  • From the Garden to the whole earth.

The People of the Kingdom

  • From one man (Adam) to “every people, tribe, tongue and nation” (Rev. 5:9).
  • We, humanity, have a big role to play in the kingdom of God here on the earth. We, the people of God, have been tasked with laboring to make the whole world the throne room of God and all the people of the earth his subjects.

Throughout the study of God’s unfolding kingdom here on the earth, we will continually come back to these two main elements because they are so central to understanding God’s kingdom. People and place. Place and people.

Throughout this series, we will investigate the coming of God’s kingdom here on the earth. And then we will be tasked with bringing God’s heavenly kingdom to bear on the earth. That is God’s purpose and our mission: to see God’s kingdom come and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven: perfect, unopposed and complete. And it starts with the people and the place.

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