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The Big Question: What is the Kingdom of God?

Jesus is declared to be king both at his birth and at his death (see Post 1 in this series). But he also says that his kingdom is not of this world and that we are to be praying for his kingdom to come on the earth (into this world) as it in heaven.

So now comes the big question:
What, exactly, is the kingdom of God?
What does it look like? How will we know when it comes? Is it here now?

After all, if Jesus is the Great King, the crown he wore is not what any of his contemporaries (nor any of us, really) would have expected. It was a crown of pain. A crown of suffering. A crown of death. A crown of thorns.

And yet, because of his resurrection from the dead, it is a crown of victory. A crown of life. A crown of hope. A crown fit only for the Great King who rules over all.

My Contention

The expansion of the kingdom of God on the earth is the point of all of history. God did not create the world to have a place to show his love, to make people who could choose to love him, etc. He created the world to establish his kingdom on it. He created the world to be his royal palace. He created the world to reign over it and on it as King.

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