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7 Marks of a Disciple

We, the people of God, are called to grow as disciples. But what is a disciple and how do I grow as one? Paul, the great apostle, paints seven word pictures depicting seven marks of a disciple in his second letter to Timothy. Let’s look at those briefly…

  • Son – 2:1 – key words: healthy, powerful
    • God is our father, we are his sons. We are to have a relationship with him.
  • Soldier – 2:3 – key word: discipline
    • A soldier disciplines himself. Likewise, we are to to discipline ourselves to love God and to hate sin.
  • Athlete – 2:5 – key words: have to know the rules
    • Athletes have to know the rules of the game. Likewise, we must know and cherish God’s law.
  • Farmer – 2:6 – key words: hard work
    • Farmers only reap what they sow. We must expect that we are going to have to work hard in the Christian life.
  • Workman – 2:15 – key words: student of God’s Word
    • A workman must spend time learning how to use his tools. Likewise, our time in God’s Word is to be a labor of love.
  • Vessels – 2:20 – key words: pottery or fine china
    • Cracked vessels and jars are useless. We are to ask God, the Potter, to shape us and form us so that we might be useful.
  • Bondservant – 2:24 – key word: slave
    • We are to give ourselves in service to others.

Interact: Of these seven marks of a disciple, which one(s) resonate deeply with you? Which one(s) is (are) most challenging to you?


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