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Branding the Church, Part 3: Toward a Brand Development Process

This is the third post (post 1, post 2) in a series on branding in the church. I am at a church that is currently articulating the process we intend to take to formulate our brand and I am grateful and excited as we have some members who are gifted in this area and are working hard toward that end. Here is the process we currently have laid out that we will follow. Again, as noted before, a logo may be the highly visible piece of the project, but must follow identifying your message. This process is designed to protect that principle and result in a comprehensive communications plan with recommendations for internal and external communications practices.

  • Assessment of the community and our place within it.
    • Trends
    • Distractions
    • Uniqueness
  • Goals – What are we trying to accomplish and how will success be measured?
  • Identifying Target Market
  • Framing Key Messages for each target market
  • Visual Identity
  • Logo Signage Uniforms (Nursery aprons to softball uniforms)
    Typography Stationary Newsletter / Bulletin design
    Powerpoint templates Color Palettes Tag lines (including church name)
  • Strategies for Communicating Key Messages to Each Target
  • Marketing Mix
  • TV/Radio/Newspaper Social Media Print Collateral
    Telemarketing Web Email
    Community Events Billboards Internal Marketing
    Partnering with other organizations
  • Implementation and Management – Who will manage the plan on an ongoing basis?

As you can see, this process is about a lot more than developing a logo. And that is as it should be in the branding process. It’s about identifying the message and then tailoring that message to the audience. Is this process going to be quick? Unlikely. Will it be holistic and push the church forward? Undoubtedly.

*This process is not my own. This is the plan outlined by a committee working on this rebranding project. Thank you especially to Mary Jane and Kay who are so invested in this process.


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