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Seeing behind the curtain

Pastoral ministry is the call to faithfulness. It’s the call to press on and keep going. It means sometimes not really knowing how God is using you, but trusting that he is honored by your faithfulness. But, sometimes, God, in his grace, allows us a sneak peak behind the curtain. Tonight was one such night.

The last four days I have been in class as I start of my last semester of my Ph.D. program (which, by the way, is cool. Can’t believe I’m at the last semester). Then tomorrow there is an open house and the moving truck comes on Monday to move us to Florida. Tonight, in the midst of all that madness of school and packing and prepping to move, some dear friends invited us and some other families over to their house for dessert. Tonight, I got a sneak peak behind the curtain.

As we leave Delaware and head to Florida, what difference have I made as a pastor? Has God been pleased by my work? At the party tonight, had a chance to see and interact with several families from the church, many (most?) of whom went to us with New Orleans over the last couple of summers. Talking to them and hearing their stories, God allowed me to see how he, in his pleasure and for his glory, has used me to serve his church. And maybe the coolest part of the whole thing is that this was not only about me as a pastor, but Kim and I serving together. Through our faithful service, God used us to reveal his grace and his mission to these families. They are grateful for us. We are grateful for them. And I am grateful for those times when God allows me to see behind the curtain and capture just a glimpse of how he is using me to lead the church and grow the kingdom.


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