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The path of Biblical greatness

“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish humble tasks as though they were great and noble.”

This quote is not from theologian or pastor who is waxing poetic about servant leadership, but from Helen Keller. She grasps the nature of the call of believers. True greatness in God’s economy is radical because it is humble. He must become more. I must become less. If I want to leave a lasting legacy, I must be faithful in the small things knowing that God is honored by such faithfulness.

Have you ever heard of Henrietta Mears? No? Look her up on wikipedia. Billy Graham once said that no woman, his mother and wife aside, has more profoundly impacted him than Ms. Mears. That is a great praise indeed! From her Sunday School classroom in Hollywood, California, she taught men and women who shaped the 20th century Christian landscape. Billy Graham. Bill and Vonette Bright. Dale Bruner. Dick Halverson. And many more.

Ms. Mears truly lived out Helen Keller’s quote. Through humbly and faithfully doing the small things, millions were reached for Christ. May my path to greatness be just radical.

Interact: In what “small” ways is God asking you to be radically faithful?


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